Project Management

In addition to our sales service, Paragon Residential offer an exclusive start to finish property consultancy service (chargeable service). With expert contractors we can transform a building into your dream space, altering the floor plan entirely to suit you. If required, we can source cutting edge interior designers, or utilize our own in-house expertise. The benefit of our 25 years experience is that we understand how to make spaces actually work, whether you have a young family, enjoy a sociable house or prefer a peaceful retreat.

Our project management takes the stress out of renovations, giving you one expert point of contact to refer to along the whole journey. It also means that things get done. You are consulted every step of the way and, as detailed in the sales section, part of our service in finding you your ideal home will always be to ensure you make a good investment for the future, maximizing your investment and security in addition to finding the perfect home. We put the time in to ensure that you achieve both.

The Process

The initial purchase proceeds just the same way as our other sales, except that we look out for properties with great potential to become the home you want and advise on the refurb budget. We then source trusted skilled builders obtaining quotes at different levels of finish to suit your requirements and assist in the design process using our expert knowledge of maximizing living space and generating return.

Further Project Management

We represent you, our client, in all dealings with contractors and designers, at all times ensuring the project is completed to budget and to the required standard. We will be the first to pick out and resolve any issues that may unfold, to make sure the end product is completed to the brief and we stay available to represent you for a 6 month period after completion of the project.

Contact Us

To enquire about any part of our project management service please call or email the office and we will get in touch to discuss your requirements.